We’ve recently launched our new Barefoot Blueprint Members’ site, which existing Blueprint members can use to access Blueprint issues, bonuses and other powerful wealth-building tools. If you’re an existing member, head to (and bookmark) the new Barefoot Members site.

Last year’s launch of the Barefoot Blueprint was truly amazing. I didn’t appreciate just how many loyal, passionate people we have in this amazing Barefoot community.

And judging by the feedback I’ve received, the Blueprint has quickly become a trusted wealth-building guide that our members are using to totally transform their financial lives.

It’s the clearest road map to wealth I’ve ever produced, because it takes you behind the scenes and shows you the step-by-step plan that I’ve used to build Barefoot, and the exact investment strategy (and stocks) that I’ve used to safely invest the profits of my business.

To find out more about the Blueprint, and to join, simply click on the link below.

The Barefoot Blueprint

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